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About @asLAN
  • Introduction

  • @asLAN is the association of suppliers of network systems, Internet and telecommunications created in 1989 as a private venture with 24 pioneering companies. Its inception lies in the escalating trend of LAN´s and @asLAN mission statement is clear: “To promote and spread the use of new technologies within diverse business environments as well as generating value added services for all its associates.”

  • Associate companies

  • Currently, @asLAN numbers 100 associate companies. Following industry trends, it has grown and expanded its technological horizons and shaped up as a dynamic association which includes the leading suppliers of IT solutions related with several types of networks such as security, IP convergence, mobility,…

  • All these companies, which share a common objective, see the Association as a dynamic vehicle able to channel efficiently joint interests as well as enhancing sinergies. This will increase the importance of the IT industry in the Spanish economy and prove the relevance these technologies play in raising the competitiveness of any organisation.

  • Activities undertaken by the Association

  • The Association offers a wide Activity Plan. It organizes on a regular basis Fairs, technological forums and professional meetings. These are geared towards fulfilling its Mission Statement with objectives clearly set by the Board, in turn responsible for the management and the running of working committees.

  • After over eighteen years of dedicated service, we are fully satisfied of having transformed what was a small venture in 1989 into a leading player in the IT industry, capable of adapting to the continuous changes.

  • Our expectations are that in the next few years, all technologies related with LAN´s will continue to evolve. IT professionals will see in the Association a set of guidelines that should enable them to make clear cut business decisions.